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Worbla’s Finest Art (called Worbla for short) has been taking the costume and crafting world by storm.

Worbla plastics are different from other thermoplastics. They’re thinner than Wonderflex and handle curves better than Sintra, and Worbla products are non-toxic and don’t need special tools. You use hot air, water or steam to shape the plastic however you want. There’s no waste because your scraps can be conditioned and 100% re-blended. These leftovers can be molded to act just like putty, and many artists use Worbla’s Finest and Black like a form of clay. (Check out these dragons!)

Worbla’s Finest Art and Worbla Black are hard when cool and can be sanded without damage. One side is the ‘glue’ side that means when heated, it can be attached to other layers of Worbla or other surfaces without needing additional glue. You can choose to work with multiple layers of Worbla right from the start of a project, or line thin areas later as you decide your needs.

Worbla’s TranspArt is a clear thermoplastic that can be worked and shaped to maintain the full transparency, or blended to a semi-opaque crystal finish. Glue is suggested for joining pieces together, and TranspArt can be tinted, painted and dyed an array of colors.

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